Changing and Declaring Major Instructions

Declaring your Major and Staying in Briggs

Fill out the Major Declaration form in person in East 27 Holmes Hall or fill out the online Major Declaration Form. You will get email confirmation of the action within 2 business days.

At this time you will be given the contact information for your coordinate major advisor, who you will now work with in addition to your Briggs advisor. It is recommende you will meet with your coordinate major advisor at least once a year.

Changing your Major and Leaving Briggs (<56 credits)

Major changes for students below 56 credits when leaving Briggs must be completed by the intended major department. 

Students who would like to change their major to 'exploratory preference' can request the major change by completing the online form

You must meet with the Academic Advisor for the intended major for the change to be processed. This meeting is to review the major, completed coursework, remaining requirements and any admission requirements (if any). A note will be placed in your file by the requested major approving the major change or requiring more information.

You will then complete the 'exit survey' from Briggs which needs to be completed before your major is released.  The data collection is part of a research project, and so we can better serve our students.

Please note, that the major changes/declarations (above) are not complete until you complete the form and get confirmation.

Changing your Major into Briggs

Prospective MSU students must declare ‘Lyman Briggs’ on their application in the admissions portal.

Lyman Briggs does not accept Major Changes into Briggs once you have started at MSU.