Advising Appointments


The Lyman Briggs Student Success and Advising Office is located in East 27 Holmes Hall, garden level.

Making an Appointment

  • Appointments with a Lyman Briggs Academic Advisor are made through the Student Success Dashboard. Login at, click on “Get Advising” and choose “Lyman Briggs Advising” from the drop-down menus and click ‘Next.” You can then choose a time that works in your schedule.
  • Academic Advisors post appointments Monday through Friday from 9:00am-12:00pm and 1:00pm-4:00pm.
  • We hold walk-in Academic Advising on Wednesdays from 1:00pm-4:00pm during the school year.
  • Open appointments are posted for two weeks at a time (not an entire semester) and entered in the system on Fridays.
  • If you choose a specific Academic Advisor, you will only see one schedule, instead of all open appointments.

Meeting with an Advisor

We strive to provide a welcoming environment for our students. Our professional academic staff work to educate, coach and support you to think critically about your decisions and goals.

Academic Advising is a partnership between you and your Academic Advisor. It is an ongoing conversation that goes beyond course selection. It encompasses major and career selection, personal pursuits and academic goals. Our goal is to assist you as you explore the curriculum, experience college life, and prepare for life after college.

Your Advisor will Expect that You

  • Be prepared; have questions written down, keep documents together, and review your objectives
  • Keep your contact information up-to-date
  • Be courteous; cancel your appointment the day before if you can’t make it
  • Make an appointment at least once a year
  • Be open to suggestions that are based on your interests, strengths and goals

You can Expect Your Advisor to

  • Listen to you and hear your goals
  • Understand the curriculum and university policies
  • Refer you to experts in the field or resources across campus for careers, counseling, study abroad, tutoring, extracurricular activities, etc.
  • Assist you with evaluating and re-evaluating your academic and graduation goals
  • Coach you to be competitive in your chosen field
  • Maintain confidentiality (read FERPA for Students)